Mikropak Mikro Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

A Specialist in Recycling

Since its foundation in 1994, Mikropak Micro Corrugated Fiberboard has been acting in accordance with the principle of producing without harming the environment.

We have been investing in recycling to the extent that the advanced technology allows. In accordance with these investments, we pay attention not to consume but to produce natural resources.

At our treatment plant, we completely treat wastewater (7 pH+) to a level considered clean enough to drink and discharge it into the sewer system.

We contact a specialist, licensed company to collect the waste and mud appearing after the discharging process, making sure that the waste is completely disposed of without any harm to nature.

At our industrial wastewater treatment plant, we treat any waste arising from the products such as glue and ink, which we use when producing and which are described as industrial waste harming the environment. Finally they are discharged into the sewer system only after we take them to a level where they will no longer harm the environment.

We send any waste arising from our production of cardboards, paperboards, cardboard boxes, and suchlike products to related companies so as to turn them into raw materials again, and we contribute to the efforts to make potential negative environmental effects approach to zero.

Cardboards, paperboards, and cardboard boxes recycled in accordance with this very understanding help us fulfill our mission to serve as a model for other companies and reduce our carbon footprint.