Mikropak Mikro Oluklu Mukavva ve Ambalaj

Message from the President

Ahmet Gürsoy

The 1990s were marked by many breakthroughs of our first company Gürsa. Our growth rate was higher than the normal flow of the market. We had many investment ideas and related initiatives that would meet our growth rate.

Intense customer demands helped us realize that there was a need in the market for the boxes which were being put into the transport cardboard boxes that we were producing in our first company.

Upon carrying out the necessary feasibility work, we noticed that we could meet this need in the best way possible and thus, we started producing offset printed boxes and offset laminated boxes. All of these led to the establishment of our second company Mikropak.

Mikropak has always continued its efforts to grow since it was established in 1994.

We managed to increase our production volume by two hundred percent over the time. We opted for a structure that is in line with our growth rate and took our team quality to a young, dynamic, and professional level.

Our responsible team of staff who prioritizes quality and deadlines helped us achieve a reliable working system that can manage the time and quality in the most effective way possible.

Sensitivity to the environment has always been one of our main priorities. We continue our efforts to protect the entire environment at Mikropak as well. To this end, we have been using our pollution-free treatment facility for many years - something that makes us very happy as we know that we do not damage the environment.

Mikropak is a company which is well aware of its social responsibilities. With this awareness, we have invested and continue to invest in projects, which protect nature and provide 100 percent recycling.

We always respect the values and legacy of our country, and we particularly make sure that our employees also act in accordance with this principle. We have never and will never abandon this awareness as we continue to grow and develop.

We think that it is very important to make investments and create employment opportunities for our citizens. To this end, we will continue to do good for our country.

As our products are suitiable for exportation, our prospective investments continue regarding these products.

Moreover, we will not only continue but also further increase our investments and will take our company to an important position in our country in the upcoming years and make it "a world company" in the later years.

Chairman of the Board